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Fashion Makes Life Better

The 2018 Fashion Shanghai, the 24th International Fashion Forum of Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival and the 17th Greater Donghua Fashion Week raised the curtain in Donghua University recently.

The event will last for one week and comprises four sections: Shanghai-style Forum, Shanghai-style Exposition, Shanghai-style Show Field and Shanghai-style Creativity, making people truly feel how fashion makes life better by combining itself with technology, education and traditional culture.

In the evening, an exhibition showing design works (24 works in total) designed by the first batch of graduates of Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF), was held at Columbia Circle. A judge panel consists of fashion experts, e.g. Tapani Hyvonen, part-time professor of SCF, and George Budiman, interior designer, selected 6 groups of awards among design works by students, including a gold award, a silver award and a bronze award. The SCF graduate’s exhibition will be held from April 26 to May 10 in Liu Haisu Art Museum.

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