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Carrefour opens Le Marche smart shop
06/01/2018 changningtims

French retailer Carrefour has launched its innovative Carrefour Le Marche in Shanghai as it extended its partnership with the Tencent Group.









The smart shop, the first of its kind for Carrefour, features smart technology such as self-payment through the WeChat app and artificial intelligence for facial recognition to guarantee payment security.





Le Marche means “market” in French. Although it is half the size of regular Carrefour supermarkets at only 4,000 square meters, the Le Marche store offers a wider range of popular products - fresh food, imported products and home brand products in particular.


“Le Marche is an innovation as China has become a laboratory to try out a new format in retailing,” said Carrefour China President and CEO Thierry Garnier. “With this shop, we hope to bring to consumers, especially the younger generation, the joy of shopping in a real store.”


Garnier said two Carrefour Le Marche outlets will be opened in Shenzhen, where Tencent is headquartered, in the next several months.








In January, Carrefour signed a strategic agreement to collaborate with Tencent on sharing data, payment technology, and consumer loans. Tencent has been reported to be seeking a minority stake in the French retailer’s China unit.


Not far away from the Le Marche Shanghai store, the Livat shopping center to be built by Ikea Centres China in Xinjing Town is expected to break ground this year.




The Livat Center Shanghai is the fifth Livat shopping center in the country.





Bounded by Fuquan Road, Jinzhong Road, Xiehe Road and Beidi Road, the future megamall will set up shop in 150,000 square meters of space. 






The commercial complex next to the Songhong Road Station, on Metro Line 2, will not only be the site of a shopping mall but it will also be home to apartments, a hotel and offices.


The developer will lease and manage the property for at least 20 years, including unified investment promotion, unified operation and unified property management. 


Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily






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