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Paper tearing debuts China Skills
06/25/2018 Shanghai Daily

Paper tearing of Xinjing Town debuted at the China Skills Competition 2018 which kicked off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. As one of the Shanghai intangible cultural heritage conservation projects, the traditional skill has become a cultural icon of Changning.  




Paper tearing works are demonstrated at the scene of the China Skills Competition 2018.




One of the folk arts originated from Xinjing Town, it was demonstrated through video, framed works and books as well as a live performance at the scene. Paper tearing master Hua Xingfu interacted with visitors to promote the traditional art form.




Hua Xingfu (center) displays a paper tearing work jointly made by him and the students. 




Instead of cutting, torn-paper artworks are created by bare hands through the artists’ skills in tearing, modifying and gluing.



It is one of the oldest and most popular folk arts in China. 



Hua has learned from artist Hu Li. He masters this special folk art and is proficient in various tearing skills when creating torn-paper artworks.



Hua’s works cover a wide range of themes from nature, animals to human figures.



Called “a paper maniac” by his friends and family, Hua Xingfu has spent decades of life dedicated to paper tearing. Without the sharp edge of the scissors, it's very hard to cut out tiny pieces, but Hua can tear a sheet of paper into any shape in less than a minute.




With his deep artistic experience and clever hands, Hua can tear a piece of paper into mountains, flowers, people, animals, fish and insects.




Hua and his artworks attract numerous visitors.




Hua's biggest preoccupation is expanding people’s awareness of paper tearing, so that they can experience its joy and simplicity for themselves.



The four-day China Skills Competition 2018 (Shanghai) from last Tuesday served as the National Selection Competition for the 45th WorldSkills Competition to be held in 2019 in Kazan, Russia.



The second part of the China Skills Competition 2018 will be held in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, from Thursday to June 28.



Around 900 contestants from 46 delegations throughout the country took part in the Shanghai leg to compete in 34 contests including automobile technology, carpentry and mechatronics.





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