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Elemeet offers tailored filming
06/28/2018 Shanghai Daily

The Changning-based Elemeet has started offering viewers tailored filming.


The one year old startup has created a crowdfunding platform for users to privatize their film-watching. 





At present, Elemeet has a pool of more than 100 films and has cooperated with more than 2,000 cinemas throughout the country.


Around 2,000 organizers have completed over 3,000 screenings in 300 cities. The average seat occupancy is above 80 percent.


The Elemeet has built a fans’ group in 100 cities with more than 300,000 registered users.





Movie critics are invited to work as recommenders. Elemeet also plans to work with the best cinemas around the country as well as prestigious universities to promote crowdfunding filming. 


As more and more people book tickets online, making reservations online and shopping online, the integration of the Internet and people’s life is irresistible. 


Under these circumstances, Changning accelerates the development of its Internet plus life service industry strategy.


The district has planned to foster 20 international brands and 100 elite service companies by 2018.




Changning has its own advantages in the application of Internet technology. It is home to dozens of influential Internet plus life service industry enterprises as well as a batch of incubators to serve innovation projects and startup entrepreneurs.


Amid the construction of Digital Changning and Intelligent Highland, information technologies, including Internet plus, have been widely applied in the clothing, food, housing and transport, forming a well-developed industry environment.


At the same time, Changning will fulfill the supply-side structural reform by integrating Internet plus applications into services involving resident’s daily lives.



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