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Efforts made to restore traditional glories
06/07/2018 Shanghai Daily

Two Changning artists are on a list of 26 throughout the city as inheritors of local intangible cultural heritage. 


Jiang Daoyin is an expert of antique ceramic, porcelain and pottery repair. He has restored hundreds of antiques for the National Museum of China, the Capital Museum, the Shanghai Museum and museums across the world.




Jiang Daoyin




As a professor at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and supported by the Changning government, Jiang hosted training courses and seminars regularly to cultivate more people of the trade. He also issued a book “Antique Pottery Repair” in 2012 which is a masterpiece in the field.


Chen Suping is an actress of Shanghai Opera, a form of local operas with 200 years of history and has roots in the folksongs across the Huangpu River. 


Chen and her colleagues at the Changning Shanghai Opera Troupe presented a number of plays in a new repertoire to reflect the development of the country and the city. Their performances won the applause. 




The “Prime Minister in Alley” starring Chen Suping




Meanwhile, Changning has gone to great lengths to promote traditional handicrafts and other intangible cultural heritage at local schools.


Fortunately, a number of traditions are being kept alive by the younger generation in the district.



More than a dozen of schools in Changning have extracurricular clubs where youngsters learn traditional arts or handicrafts.


District authorities cooperate with schools to launch courses to promote intangible cultural heritage like Shanghai Opera, peasant painting, paper tearing, Chinese string and wind musical performances and diabolo playing in campus. 


Many students are willing to learn the traditional art forms and have developed high skills or knowledge in the learning process.




A student and her teacher, paper tearing master Hua Xingfu, show off their work.



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