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Seeking ‘Grace and Tranquility’
07/12/2018 Shanghai Daily

Historic buildings on Wuyi Road will be refurbished while the area’s cultural heritage will be highlighted under a plan unveiled by the Changning government to restore grace and tranquility on the century-old street. 





Built in 1925 and once called Tunsin Road, the street between Yan’an Road W. and Zhongshan Road W. is one among the city’s 64 streets that will never be widened.


The future Wuyi Road will feature a cluster of boutique stores and the messy wet market will get a facelift with all its facilities upgraded.





Businesses with “Shanghai style” will be introduced to highlight Shanghai culture on the street. Substandard stalls that seriously affect the environment and violate sanitation requirements will be gradually phased out.  





Wuyi Road is among the four Changning-based streets to be beautified to further improve the district’s urban environment and create a more eco-friendly, distinctive, elegant, quiet and livable neighborhood. 


The other three streets are Xinhua Road, Panyu Road and Yuyuan Road. All are well-known for their historic buildings and former residences of famous personalities.


The renovation of the four streets is part of Changning’s urban renewal plan as the downtown district is dedicated to becoming the cleanest, most orderly, safest and “most civilized” throughout the city.


Eight more streets with stunning views and a 38-kilometer slow traffic system will be part of the plan which involves a footpath along the Suzhou Creek as well as an increase of 60,000 square meters of green space. 




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