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Codename: Grace and Tranquility
07/12/2018 Shanghai Daily

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Codename: Grace and Tranquility





Historic buildings on Wuyi Road will be refurbished while the cultural heritage will be highlighted under a plan unveiled by the Changning government to restore grace and tranquility on the century-old street.





Built in 1925 and once called Tunsin Road, the street between Yan’an Road W. and Zhongshan Road W. is one among the city’s 64 streets that will never be widened.



The future Wuyi Road will feature a cluster of boutique stores and the messy wet market will get a facelift with all its facilities upgraded.





Businesses with Shanghai style will be introduced to highlight Shanghai culture on the street. Substandard stalls that seriously affect the environment and violate sanitation requirements will be gradually phased out.  







Middle schools back bone of secondary education




Three Changning-based middle schools have been included in the 116 experimental middle schools throughout the city. Under this policy, they will be equipped with better teachers and enjoy more government support.



Shanghai Luding Middle School



The Xingwu Middle School, Luding Middle School and Hongqiao Middel School will have 5 percent of their faculties listed as “seed teachers” while a prestigious headmaster and two top teachers will be appointed to each school.



They will receive more government support than other schools also, such as better school buildings, facilities and government-sponsored curriculum reform.  



Shanghai Xingwu Middle School


The experimental middle schools are not only a place to cultivate excellent students but excellent teachers.



Each school will map out and fulfill a three-year plan through the instruction of the headmaster and the top teachers.



Each school will play the leading role in the establishment of an education group.



They will also make rules in developing pedagogy and cultivate students’ talent in science, art, culture and sport.





Senior center begins trial operation




A seniors center in Xinjing Town has started serving local elderly people on a trial basis.





The Sunning Garden at 915 Xianxia Road W. integrates administrative, market and social resources to optimize its services. The center enhances its management as well as protects senior citizens through information technology.





The first floor of the center is for reception, assessment, consultation and products exhibition.



The second floor, which covers 770 square meters, offers nursing, day-care, rehabilitation training and recreation services for senior citizens.



The center will be a “one-stop” shop for senior care solutions and play a key role in the development of an assisted living neighborhood.  






Backstreet steeped in history




Tai’an Road, a 514-meter-long backstreet that crosses Changning and Xuhui districts, is worth exploring on a fine afternoon to soak up the tranquil and nostalgic atmosphere of the neighborhood.





Starting from Wukang Road, the narrow street goes west through Xingguo Road and joins Huashan Road. It was built in 1921 and originally called Route Camille Lorioz after a Frenchman who ran a silk and jewelry business in Shanghai and returned home to fight in World War I. Lorioz was killed in the Battle of Verdun in 1916.



Tai’an Road is one of 64 old streets in Shanghai that will never be widened. The street is charming with plane trees, Western-style buildings and a history of prominent residents. Each house has a story to tell.



The compound at 120 Tai’an Road is called Willow Garden, or Wei Le Yuan. It has a dozen exquisite houses built in 1924 by the Continental Bank. Most of these two-story houses have attics and are in Spanish Revival or English Half-Timber style. Oleander and fig trees are widely planted here and a metal fence with an iron gate separates the compound from the outside. Its inhabitants included famous film director Huang Zuolin.





Across the street at 117 Tai’an Road is the mansion of Richard Pan, a Cantonese businessman who was the Shanghai tai-pan of Jardine, Matheson & Co, a British trading firm. The house features suspended ceilings and modern lighting, very rare in the 1920s and ’30s.



The gate at 115 Tai’an Road leads to a walled compound of eight Spanish-style houses built in 1948 by an American company called Texaco. Each house has a garden. The compound is on the list of heritage buildings protected by the Shanghai government.





Chinese historian Zhou Gucheng used to live in the No. 6 Building at 115 Tai’an Road. Zhou’s neighbors included playwright Du Xuan and Kunqu Opera master Yu Zhenfei. They often spent time together talking about drama, poetry and fine arts.



The house at 76 Tai’an Road, at the crossroad with Xingguo Road, is the former residence of He Luting, the famous Chinese composer, who lived there from 1956 until his death in April 1999. His piano room was on the ground floor and his house has a 200-square-meter garden.



He Luting





Neighborhood to become the best




The Huayuan neighborhood beside Suzhou Creek is under renovation to become a high-quality residential quarter with much improved facilities and a better layout.





The neighborhood has eight multi-story buildings and two high-rises. A big lawn is at the center of the residential quarter.



The renovation involves wall and pipeline repairs and burying signal lines underground.



Sponge city measures to harvest rainwater will be adopted. These include rooftops covered by plants, scenic wetlands for rainwater storage, and permeable pavements that store excess runoff water and allow evaporation for temperature moderation.



A drainage system under construction to separate rain water and sewage will further improve the environment. Above the pipes, the footpaths will be repaved, which makes the entire residential quarter clean and tidy.



Upgraded intelligent security system and parking lot will satisfy local residents.



Garbage sorting, access to the promenade along Suzhou Creek, assisted living and recreational facilities as well as improved greenery will make the neighborhood one among the best in Changning.





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