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3 middle schools join Shanghai’s elite experiment
Three Changning-based middle schools have been included in the 116 experimental middle schools throughout the city. Under this policy, they will receive better teachers and more government support.

Shanghai Luding Middle School



The Xingwu Middle School, Luding Middle School and Hongqiao Middel School will have 5 percent of their faculties listed as “seed teachers” while a prestigious headmaster and two top teachers will be appointed to each school.

They will receive more government support than other schools also, such as better buildings, facilities and government-sponsored curriculum reform.  

Shanghai Xingwu Middle School



The experimental middle schools are not only a place to cultivate excellent students but excellent teachers.



Each school will map out and fulfill a three-year plan under the guidance of the headmaster and the top teachers.

They will make rules in developing pedagogy and cultivate students’ talent in science, art, culture and sport.



Luding and Hongqiao middle schools are members of the Loushan Middle School Education Group while Xingwu Middle School belongs to the Yan’an Secondary Education Group. 

Changning has three secondary education groups -  the Loushan Middle School Education Group, the Yan’an Secondary Education Group and the West Yan’an Secondary Education Group.

Changning is intensifying its high quality education resources through the establishment of education groups. Teachers, curriculums and hobby clubs are shared within each group to promote balanced educational development, as well as continually improving education quality.

As education has progressed over the years. Students are no longer seen as empty vessels but free thinkers as they prepare for the wider world.



Students from the brass band of the Shanghai No.3 Girls' High School perform at the Empire State Building in New York City.



Hence, the development of secondary education groups represents the future as it enables the integration of all sorts of education resources and provides children not only a safe place to learn but also an environment to push their limits for personal growth and character development.

In most cases parents are looking to schools to promote the next educational journey for their children — university. In today’s competitive world of secondary education, schools have gone beyond just looking at scores to decide acceptance.

They want to see what the student can bring more than just academic ability. A school that provides service learning opportunities, field trips and character development can lead to a more holistic and well-rounded education. Not only can these experiences assist in a university application, but they better enable students to know what they want to do in life.

Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily

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