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Shelter for disadvantaged children


Jiangsu Road Community is one of the city’s first to provide shelter for disadvantaged children and young victims of domestic abuse.





The 10-square-meter shelter at No. 22, Sub-lane 11, 1088 Yuyuan Road is near completion and expected to help adolescents in trouble next month.


Colorful window curtains, bed sheets and toys make the air-conditioned room a welcome sight. 


The disadvantaged children are those who have suffered physical or mental abuse by guardians, without parental care and have had no economic support.


There are over 334.9 million children under the age of 18 in China. The SOS Children's Villages estimated that around 30 million teenagers under the age of 17 in China suffer from psychological problems.


China signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1991, and has since launched several programs to improve the lives of children.







In line with the city’s rule, grassroots cadres can take care of disadvantaged children for no longer than one year. A disadvantaged child will live with a carer or volunteer of the same gender during this period.


Additionally, SOS Children's Villages has been working in China since the mid-1980s, when an agreement was signed with the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs.


At present there are 10 SOS Children's Villages, nine SOS Youth Facilities, 10 SOS Kindergartens, one SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, two Social Centers, and two SOS Vocational Training Centers in China.


Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily






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