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Dialogue between “Old Buildings” and “Art”
07/05/2018 Shanghai Daily

It seems that leaving always intrigues a heavy and sorrow emotion. Unable to bid a good farewell, we have refrained from speaking what we intended to say, embracing the persons we love and sending our greetings. Bidding a good farewell is the lesson that we should learn all through our life. The 2018 Wave Healing Festival kicked off at Shangsheng Xinsuo (the former site of Shanghai Institute of Biological Products) on June 15. Focusing on the “Emotion Healing and Self-healing” that strikes a chord among young people, more than 100 lovelorn souvenirs together with the corresponding over 100 love stories will be exhibited in the old building of the Naval Club there.


The Museum of Broken Relationships have held 50 exhibitions in 29 countries across the world since 2006, and its exhibition has been praised as “best showing people’s inner emotions” by the audience. The tokens of love, or the “remains” that have witnessed love, from all over the world have been exhibited. They are common things in life which are neither invaluable nor of long history, such as dolls, clothes and albums, as well as some peculiar things like iron and axe. Curators of the Museum, Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic, introduced that the exhibits of the exhibition in the Naval Club are well selected from its enormous collections and include the “love remains” solicited across the country by the Shanghai Producer, which not only contain individual emotions, regional culture and history but also demonstrate the diversified constitution of the exhibits.


This exhibition is open to the public. Displaying it in the newly-renovated Shangsheng Xinsuo and making possible the dialogue between old buildings and people and between people and arts, that’s the significance of urban renewal. Zhang Hai, Senior Vice President of Vanke Group and CEO of Vanke Group in Shanghai, said at the opening ceremony of Shangsheng Xinsuo that it hopes to leave enough room for the young people to live and struggle and allow local residents to share the achievements of urban renewal through a series of renovation, thus continuing the history and giving full play to the features of this block.


It is learnt that the Wave Healing Festival lasts one and a half months. Apart from the exhibition of the Museum of Broken Relationships, the “Wave Creation” will join hands with different artists and art institutions to present excellent healing shows from June 15 to July 31. And there will be a unique theme every week, such as the emotion photo studio, the art healing lecture, the art talk show and the Huang Xiangli Crossover Art Installation Exhibition.

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