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Academicians from China, US and Netherlands Talk about AI in Shanghai
07/09/2018 Shanghai Observer

The “2018 Global AI + New Business Summit”, which lasts for three days, opened in Shanghai Mart. The theme of the summit this year is “Landing of AI and Upgrade Industries”. Academicians e.g. Michael I. Jordan, academicians of National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Maarten de Rijke, academician of Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Wu Zhiqiang, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, would have profound discussions on the focus of the AI industry: the combination of research front and business of AI, and other hot topics e.g. AI alters human life, the current status of development of AI enterprises in China, the US and the Netherlands and urban development under the influence of AI.

The 2018 AI-WIN raised the curtain on the opening ceremony. Taking “Inspire Intelligence and Sail towards the Future” as the theme, this contest aims to explore excellent AI projects all over the world and offer a solid platform for Shanghai to build an AI highland. The contest would be divided into four racing tracks, and contests would be held on four aspects: human-computer interaction service, AI medical treatment, unmanned driving and intelligent robot. According to the schedule, contests of 2018 AI-WIN would be held on various racing tracks in June and July. The finals would be held in August and road shows for excellent teams would begin in September.

An alliance of AI industry: “Hongqiao Wisdom Valley”, sponsored by Changning District, founded at the same time. Our reporter learned that the alliance would actively connect to the layout of “Four Brands” of Shanghai, build an industry alliance based on the AI industry incubation base in “Hongqiao Wisdom Valley”, organize a cluster of industry service, offer service of industry integration and help enterprises operate successfully in Changning.

On the summit, Wang Xi, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that AI, as a new strategic technology in the future, is an important way to enhance national competitiveness and safeguard national strategy. In recent years, AI industry gradually entered a new stage in the world. New theories and technologies, e.g. mobile Internet, big data and supercomputing, accelerated the development of AI from various aspects. Enterprises and research institutes engaged in AI by means of deep learning, cross-border integration, human-machine cooperation and independent R&D. Traditional industries, e.g. finance, healthcare and education, accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading by applying AI technologies and created first-mover advantages of AI.

A document titled “Opinions and Policies of Changning District about Accelerating to Promote the Integrated Development of New Generation of AI Industry” was released on the summit. This document aims to promote development of AI industry, promote integration of technology and application and accelerate the harmonious development of AI enterprises and upstream and downstream supporting industries. To promote the integrated development of leading AI enterprises, Changning would give subsidy to enterprises settling in innovation buildings of AI industry in the district. Each enterprise would receive 1.5 million yuan of subsidy at most every year, as well as office rental subsidy for three consecutive years at most. As for AI projects receiving fund support at the national and municipality level, each project would get 5 million yuan of funds at most. Changning also established special funds for developing AI industry.

Iyiou released the “2018 List of Top 100 AI Enterprises with Business Landing in China” and the “2018 Ranking List of Top 20 AI Cities in China” on the summit. On the former list, AI enterprise’s revenue, quality and quantity of customers and customer reputation were regarded as main indicators of judgment, and reference was made on basic information e.g. AI enterprise’s investment and financing, background of founding team, products and serviceability. Iyiou said that AI, as an advanced productive force, would realize sustainable development only through business landing. Enterprises with technology only, but without ability of commercial application, would be eliminated by the market in the end.

From the “Consensus on Landing of AI Industry in Changning District”, our reporter learned that Changning would join hands with AI research institutes and enterprises to promote exchange of AI technologies with government departments, enterprises, colleges and research institutes, strengthen cooperation on policy, R&D, application and main body of production, and create safe, efficient and orderly cooperation mechanism for industrialized development of AI that covers several links, e.g. production, allocation, exchanging and consumption. The Consensus also suggested the government, enterprises and research institutes of establishing a mutual-beneficial and win-win AI governance system, promoting construction for intelligent cities in China and enhancing competitiveness of China’s AI industry in the world.

On the summit, representatives from Alibaba, Tencent, JD, Meituan, iFlytek, Focus Media, Cheetah Mobile Inc, MI, NIO, Pinduoduo, DaDaABC, Moviebook, SoYoung, ECOVACS, Westwell Lab, Deep Blue Technology, Philips China, Microsoft and Rong360 would share their frontline business experiences on combination of industry and finance.

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