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A story from Tianshan bazar

The commercial development of Changning together with China’s reform and opening up in the past four decades is the epitome of the fundamental changes going on in China.

A bazar with more than 1,300 stalls along the Tianshan Road was once a highlight of the city. The 10-day event was held in October every year from 1986.

Boutique stores replaced the temporary stands in 1990s. After that, shopping malls rose one after another around Zhongshan Park and the Hongqiao business area, including Cloud Nine Shopping Mall, Raffles City Changning, L’ Avenue, The Place and Parkson Newcore.

From this year, Changning will launch 20 new commercial projects covering a total of 850,000 square meters. Among the new commercial complexes, cultural and creative facilities will account for a major proportion while the future trend of Changning’s commerce will be on the basis of “Internet plus.”

Many of the new complexes offer a mix of space for office work, retail, entertainment and even accommodation. This trend coincides naturally with Changning’s developing role as a paradise for local residents and service-oriented businesses.

At the Hongqiao business area, numerous global fortune 500 companies have settled their Shanghai offices (or even their regional headquarters) inside the glass towers.

Meanwhile, underground corridors have been built to link all major commercial complexes in the area with connection to Metro stations, making it possibly the longest underground footpath in Shanghai.

The pedestrian tunnels are also built elsewhere in Changning, such as the Zhongshan Park Commercial Circle and Linkong Industrial Park, to connect commercial complexes and Metro stations nearby.


Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily

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