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S1 Line to connect Suzhou with Changning

Construction is expected to start soon on the S1 Line in Suzhou and the future subway line of Suzhou Rail Transit will link up with Shanghai’s Metro Line 11 and connect the paradise city with Changning.

The 41-kilometer S1 line starts with Yiting Road Station. It goes through Kunshan and ends at Huaqiao Station on Metro Line 11.

With the S1 line, people in Changning can take the subway to Taihu Lake. One can start from Jiangsu Road Station of Metro Line 11 to Huaqiao, and alight at Yiting Road Station for Suzhou Metro’s Line 3 to the Railway Station of Suzhou New District, then continue the journey with Line 9 to Guangfu, which is about 2km away from Taihu Lake. The whole journey will be about 70 stops.

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Through interchange stations, people from Changning can get to numerous scenic spots in Suzhou, including Jinji Lake, Suzhou Amusement Land, Shantang Street, Ouyuan Garden and the city wall of Suzhou.

A ticket costs 7 yuan (US$1.03) from Jiangsu Road to Huaqiao and 8 yuan from Huaqiao to Yiting.

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China’s top planner the National Development and Reform Commission approved the third phase of the Suzhou metro network on August 14, authorizing the construction of four lines totaling 137km at a cost of around 95 billion yuan (US$13.94 billion).

Phase 3 comprises lines 6, 7, 8 and S1, with construction due to begin on all four during 2019.

Suzhou currently has three metro lines totaling 105km in operation, together with a 25.7km light rail line serving Suzhou New District. The first phase of the 45km 37-station Line 3 is due to open in December 2019, with Line 5 following in June 2021.

Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily

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