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First ‘Onyx’ theater debuts Arch Walk


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First ‘Onyx’ theater debuts Arch Walk

Samsung Electronics has partnered with world’s largest theater operator, Wanda Cinemas, to launch China’s first “Onyx” theater at Changning’s Arch Walk shopping mall.





The Wanda Arch Walk theater at LG 1026, 179 Maotai Road, has six auditoriums, all equipped with Onyx LED screens. Each auditorium has 275 electronic motion recliner sofas as well as a coffee and meal service to make the movie-watching experience more enjoyable.



The auditoriums also support parenting activities, family reunions, video game networking events and even live karaoke shows.




The Cinema of the Future

Sensing the need to transcend the outdated projector-based systems that have been the industry standard over the past 120 years, Samsung is prepared to play a starring role in delivering the most advanced graphics and sophisticated production techniques and defining the “cinema of the future” with its new Cinema LED Technology called “Onyx”.




By bringing the visual power of LED picture quality to the big screen, Samsung Onyx offers viewers more powerful, compelling and memorable content. Inspired by the gemstone of the same name, the Samsung Onyx brand alludes to the display’s ability to showcase cinematic content with true black colors. Backed by brilliant LED picture quality and an infinite contrast ratio, Samsung Onyx ensures movie content like never before.





Redefined Black

By featuring true black colors, Samsung Onyx VIEW offers viewers the most detail-rich and vivid content environment possible. The Onyx VIEW brings the visual power of LED technology to the theater by delivering HDR-supported content and allows for ambient light without degradation of picture quality.



Extreme Reality

The 3D version of Samsung Onyx accomplishes the impossible — making 3D cinema content even more vivid and realistic. Featuring high-brightness and industry-leading 3D dimensional depth, this specialized composition brings visual details to the forefront and allows for subtitles to be easier to read.




Perfectly Tuned Audio

With support from HARMAN Professional’s JBL Sculpted Surround technology, the Onyx SOUND expands the audio sweet spot within any theater. When combined with Samsung’s proprietary technology, the end result leaves you with sound that is optimized and perfectly-tuned to fit LED screens.



Expanded and Modern Theater

The Samsung Onyx makes the modern theater feel bigger and better. By eliminating bulky projector equipment, theaters can include more seats and offer content to wider audiences. And with a light-resistant design, cinema operators no longer have to worry about interference or disruptive distractions.


New school to groom flight attendants

An entirely new School of Air Transport, Shanghai Open University, opens for its first admissions this semester.





Students are aiming to become flight attendants or other aviation service workers after two and a half years of study and training.



The school has been established to provide customized education for airlines amid the gap between the number of aviation service workers they need and the graduates available at present.






The domestic aviation industry needs 130,000 new workers every year, but there are only about 15,000 suitable graduates. By 2020, the aviation industry will have 2.4 million workers.



The Changning District government, the China Air Transport Association and the Shanghai Open University jointly launched the school to meet the demand.





Education groups offer ‘good teachers’, ‘strong subjects’

The new semester begins. Changning is building more prestigious schools at the local level through the establishment of education groups — clusters of schools working together.





Eleven education groups have been established in the past two years to cover compulsory education in the district. Member schools of each education group share the same culture and work under the same management council.



They are also governed by the same articles of association. There are arrangements for the exchange of teachers among member schools.



At the same time, education groups in Changning are improving teaching through big data technology and build online platforms to enable the live broadcast and replaying of open classes.






Information technology is also used to record teachers’ professional development, monitor teaching quality and share education resources, such as courses and assignments.



The establishment of the education groups gives students more resources.



Many curriculums are open to students of the same group, such as campus sports events and art performances.



Member schools share experience in management and teaching to jointly improve their performances.





In the next three years, Changning will cultivate more “good headmasters”, “good schools”, “good teachers”, and “strong subjects”.



The educational groups promote the balanced development of high-level education in the district so as to offer locals access to prestigious schools at their doorsteps and let every school become a prestigious one.


Must-visit street rich of cultural landmarks

No longer than 2 kilometers, 93-year-old Panyu Road is rich with cultural landmarks.





The 20-meter-wide street is home to the Hudec Memorial Hall, GArt leisure complex and the Columbia Country Club.



The Hudec Memorial Hall at 129 Panyu Road is the former residence of Laszlo Hudec. The Slovakian-born architect made a lasting impact on Shanghai, designing more than 100 buildings in the city. Although some have been torn down over the decades, 44 have survived.





The three-story Tudorbethan villa was the second residence for Hudec’s family in Shanghai. It is a spacious, Spanish-style house. Three sets of Gothic windows and a round arched door are on the ground floor. A big garden lies to the south.





Steps away, the GArt between Xinfu Road and Panyu Road is a place where people can have a good time.




On the former site of the Shanghai Rubber Products Institute are a number of restaurants, cafes and even a bookstore.



Next to the north end of the street, the former site of the state-owned Shanghai Institute of Biological Products at 1262 Yan’an Road W. is now open as a 24/7 creative hub with offices, hotels and shopping area.






An architectural legacy of modern Shanghai, the Columbia Country Club, was once a place where Americans came to relax.



Jointly developed by SIBP and China Vanke Co, several historic structures in the compound, including the Columbia Country Club and a villa built for Dr Sun Yat-sen’s son, Sun Fo, have been turned into a vibrant mix of cultural and entrepreneurial blocks, corporate offices, and residential and retail spaces.




New methods to better serve elder Changningers

Around 90 percent of seniors in Changning would like to stay at home or visit day-care centers instead of moving into a nursing home, according to the district government.





By the end of last year, Changning had more than 200,000 permanent residents aged above 60, accounting for 35.3 percent of the population. That is expected to hit 40 percent by 2020.




For that reason, Changning will build five comprehensive senior service centers by the end of the year. The facilities will integrate medical care with nursing and homecare to provide local seniors a one-stop solution.





By 2020, every community in Changning will have a senior service center, a nursing home, four or five day care centers and a seniors’ club.



The district will cultivate a number of elderly care institutions. Prestigious nursing home chains will open outlets in Changning and a training center and four vocational schools will turn out 3,000 elderly care workers in the next two years.



The district will also establish early screening, community prevention, family support, professional intervention and care institutions for seniors who suffer cognitive disorders.



Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily




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