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A balanced education for every child
09/12/2018 Shanghai Daily


As the new semester begins, Changning is building more prestigious schools at the local level through the establishment of education groups — clusters of schools working together.


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Eleven education groups have been established in the past two years to cover compulsory education in the district. Member schools of each education group share the same culture and work under the same management council.


They are also governed by the same articles of association. And there are arrangements for the exchange of teachers among member schools.


At the same time, Changning’s education groups are improving teaching through big data technology and building online platforms to enable the live broadcast and replaying of open classes. 




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Information technology is also used to record teachers’ professional development, monitor teaching quality and share education resources, such as courses and assignments.


The establishment of the education groups gives students more resources — many curriculums are open to students of the same group, such as campus sports events and art performances.


Member schools share experience in management and teaching to jointly improve their performances.


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In the next three years, Changning will cultivate more “good headmasters”, “good schools”, “good teachers” and “strong subjects”.


The approach to education in Changning has evolved in recent years. The education groups are part of the district’s efforts to consolidate the construction of the Shanghai Education Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone and serve its aim of “achieving the dream through vital education”.


Changning is intensifying its high quality education resources through the establishment of the education groups. Teachers, curriculums and hobby clubs are shared within each group to promote a balanced development of education, as well as continuously improving education quality.


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Education and its delivery have progressed a great deal over the years with students today not just viewed as vessels of knowledge but as free thinkers able to operate in a global environment. 




The education groups offer residents access to prestigious schools on their doorsteps and to enable every school to become a prestigious one.




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