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Narrow, short street a must-visit
09/13/2018 Shanghai Daily


No longer than 2 kilometers, 93-year-old Panyu Road is rich with cultural landmarks.




The 20-meter-wide street is home to the Hudec Memorial Hall, GArt leisure complex and the Columbia Country Club.


The Hudec Memorial Hall at 129 Panyu Road is the former residence of Laszlo Hudec. The Slovakian-born architect made a lasting impact on Shanghai, designing more than 100 buildings in the city. Although some have been torn down over the decades, 44 survive.





The three-story Tudorbethan — Tudor revival architecture — villa was the second residence for Hudec’s family in Shanghai. It is a spacious house. Three sets of Gothic windows and a round arched door are on the ground floor. A big garden lies to the south.

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Steps away, the GArt between Xinfu Road and Panyu Road is a place where people can have a good time. Work will start this year to develop the area into a “film complex”, featuring Shanghai culture, according to the Changning government.


The project is part of a series of plans unveiled by the government to revamp the downtown district into a major hub of global fashion and innovation.


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GArt, a creative park developed on the former site of the Shanghai Rubber Products Institute is now home to various fashion stores, cafes, restaurants, design studios and even a bookstore.


Residents living in the nearby neighborhood once had to detour to avoid crossing the former industrial site, but now they can enjoy a relaxing and pleasant landmark.


According to its future blueprint, part of the areas in the creative park will be developed into workshops for independent producers, post-production houses and film companies.


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Next to the north end of Panyu Road, the former site of the state-owned Shanghai Institute of Biological Products at 1262 Yan’an Road W. is now open as a 24/7 creative hub with offices, hotels and a shopping area. 




An architectural legacy of modern Shanghai, the Columbia Country Club was once a place where Americans came to relax.





Jointly developed by SIBP and China Vanke Co, several historic structures in the area, including the Columbia Country Club and a villa built for Dr Sun Yat-sen’s son, Sun Fo, have been turned into a vibrant mix of cultural and entrepreneurial blocks, corporate offices and residential and retail spaces.


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