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The future of Linkong is flying high
09/19/2018 Shanghai Daily

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The future of Linkong is flying high


Changning has unveiled its ambition to develop the Hongqiao Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone into an international aviation hub, a base for the headquarters of global aviation enterprises, a cluster of high-end aviation services, an operational base for business airplanes and a low-carbon and green development zone.







In December 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Civil Aviation Administration of China approved upgrading Hongqiao Linkong into an airport economic demonstration zone, covering an 13.89 square kilometers.




Before that, the Hongqiao Aviation Service Pilot Zone had been established around Linkong and the east wing of the Hongqiao International Airport to provide services such as aircraft maintenance and sales, air transport, air freight and ticketing.






According to a blueprint by policymakers, the economic zone will be divided into four parts with Terminal 1 of Hongqiao airport as its core. From west to east, the other three are an airport operations area, a cluster of aviation administration and services facilities and a cluster of airport services and other businesses.



Terminals 1 and 2 and the east side of the Hongqiao airport are expected to be linked by underground tunnels. Commercial testing of the coming 5G mobile communications network will take the lead in the demonstration zone.



It is also very urgent to form a more open and innovative institutional environment for in-bond shipments, trade facilitation and business administration.






In line with the latest blueprint, the demonstration zone will revamp Customs supervision and study the feasibility of special supervision methods, such as the “electronic port”, to improve supervision through electronic technology.




The demonstration zone will cultivate future-oriented emerging industries, and attract leading airlines from Japan, South Korea and areas such as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to encourage them to set up their regional headquarters here.




As an operations base for business airplanes, the zone will accelerate the establishment of an operation and service system featuring transport, ground services and maintenance.






The businesses of chartered flights, chartered planes, transshipment and global travel support will be encouraged. Capitalizing on November’s first China International Import Expo, the demonstration zone will improve its in-bond shipment facilities, warehousing and logistics and strengthen the construction of import and export trade platforms, such as direct selling and exhibitions.



Aviation services enterprises in the demonstration zone will be allowed to decide their business scope themselves. Additionally, a strategy of “AI+aviation” (artificial intelligence plus aviation) will be fulfilled in the zone, including the development of UAVs, intelligent logistics and machine vision.







Maotai Road gaining more honors



Another section of Maotai Road will be included in the list of the 24 boulevards of the city. The section between Gubei Road and Weining Road is lined with plane trees on both sides.






As it is not a main street around the city or within the district, it is always quiet and peaceful, free of traffic chaos.




Boulevards are natural air conditioners for the city. The temperatures under the shade of the trees are always 5 to 7 degrees Celsius lower than those of surfaces exposed to the sun.






After two rounds of auditions, the section of Maotai Road is expected to become the 10th boulevard at the city level in Changning following Linquan Road which was put in the category last year.



Another section of Maotai Road, between Zunyi Road and Gubei Road, was put on the list in 2016.










Eat, drink and be merry — in a great atmosphere



Oktoberfest is underway in Changning as part of the citywide celebration during the annual tourism festival.






One of the official events of the 2018 Shanghai Tourism Festival, the 11-day Oktoberfest baegan last Wednesday, serving guests imported beers, German pork knuckles and sausages lotteries in the 1,000 square meter tent outside the Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hote. A band from Munich and stage performances provided entertainment and there were also lotteries.






At the same time, luxury hotels in Changning are offering guests seasonal greetings and tasty snacks.





Apart from the delicious food, a butterfly exhibition will be held at the Shanghai Zoo from September 28 through November 10.






Decorated floats will cruise through Changning from Loushanguan Road on the night of September 26, after taking part in the opening ceremony parade for this year’s Shanghai Tourism Festival last Saturday.






Meanwhile, children in Changning can take part in orienteering challenges or visit scenic sites around the district during weekends.






A walking tour to explore old buildings in Changning will be held on Saturday and the October 1 National Day.






A wine carnival is expected to debut at Raffles City Changing in November while a flea market will be held at Milan Square outside Zhongshan Park.








Grab a cup of coffee at new store in historic building 




A department store on the site of the former Jiangsu Road Postal Services Center is expected to open at the end of next month. The interior structures of the 91-year-old building, including pillars and arches, have been well-preserved.






A café on the first floor will give visitors a warm welcome. The unveiling ceremony of the “magic city urban renewal lab” together with a fashion show will be held at the same time.





The former residence of Chinese author Shi Zhecun is upstairs.




Taking care of seniors at our doorstep



Changning will build more elderly care facilities in local communities amid a soaring elderly population.






By the end of last year, Changning had more than 200,000 permanent residents aged above 60, accounting for 35.3 percent of the population. That is expected to hit 40 percent by 2020.




Around 90 percent of seniors in Changning would like to continue living at home or visit day-care centers instead of moving into a nursing home, according to the district government.




For that reason, Changning will build five comprehensive senior service centers by the end of the year. The facilities will integrate medical care with nursing and homecare to provide local seniors a one-stop solution.






By 2020, every community in Changning will have a senior service center, a nursing home, four or five day-care centers and a seniors’ club.




Dozens of unused places in the district are ideal sites for the construction of elderly care facilities. Their owners, all state-owned enterprises, will cooperate with social institutions for renovations and future operations.



The district will cultivate a number of elderly care institutions. Prestigious nursing home chains will open facilities in Changning and a training center and four vocational schools will turn out 3,000 care workers for the aged over the next two years.







The district will also establish early screening, community prevention, family support, professional intervention and care institutions for seniors who suffer cognitive disorders.




An “old pal” project encourages 2,000 younger senior citizens to take care of 10,000 older ones.



A unified call center using big data technology will handle senior Changningers’ enquiries as well as an around the clock first-aid service.



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