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Linkong reaches for the skies
09/21/2018 Shanghai Daily

The aviation services industry is one of the three pillars of Changning’s economy in the 13th Five-Year Plan. At present, the Hongqiao Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone has grown into a cluster of aviation services enterprises, institutions and agencies.





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It is home to the East China Regional Administration of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and its East China Air Traffic Management Bureau, the Shanghai Airport (Group) Co, China Eastern Airlines, Spring Airlines, Suparna Airlines, the east China branch of the China National Aviation Fuel Group and the Shanghai International Aviation Court of Arbitration.



The number of enterprises doing aircraft design, air transport, aviation maintenance, aviation logistics and general aviation has now reached 218. The benefits clustering aviation services are clear to all and paying off.



Changning has unveiled its ambition to develop the Linkong demonstration zone into an international aviation hub, a base for the headquarters of global aviation enterprises, a cluster of high-end aviation services, an operational base for business airplanes and a low-carbon and green development zone.



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In December 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Civil Aviation Administration of China approved upgrading Hongqiao Linkong into an airport economic demonstration zone, covering 13.89 square kilometers.




Before that, the Hongqiao Aviation Service Pilot Zone had been established around Linkong and the east wing of the Hongqiao International Airport to provide services such as aircraft maintenance and sales, air transport, air freight service and ticketing.



According to a blueprint drafted by policymakers, the economic zone will be divided into four parts with Terminal 1 of Hongqiao airport as its core. From west to east, the other three will be an airport operations area, a cluster of aviation administration and services facilities and a cluster of airport services and other businesses.




Terminals 1 and 2 and the east side of the Hongqiao airport are expected to be linked by underground tunnels. Commercial testing of the coming 5G mobile communications network will take the lead in the demonstration zone.




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It is also a priority to form a more open and innovative institutional environment for in-bond shipments, trade facilitation and business administration.



In line with the latest blueprint, the demonstration zone will revamp Customs supervision and study the feasibility of special supervision methods, such as the “electronic port”, to improve supervision through electronic technology.



The demonstration zone will cultivate future-oriented emerging industries, and attract leading airlines from Japan, South Korea and areas such as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to encourage them to set up their regional headquarters here.



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As an operations base for business airplanes, the zone will accelerate the establishment of an operation and service system featuring transport, ground services and maintenance.



The businesses of chartered flights, chartered planes, trans-shipment and global travel support will be encouraged. Capitalizing on November’s first China International Import Expo, the demonstration zone will improve its in-bond shipment facilities, warehousing and logistics and strengthen the construction of import and export trade platforms, such as direct selling and exhibitions.



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Aviation services enterprises in the demonstration zone will be allowed to decide their business scope themselves. Additionally, a strategy of “AI+aviation” (artificial intelligence plus aviation) will be fulfilled in the zone, including the development of UAVs, intelligent logistics and machine vision.

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