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A highland of AI development

Changning recently hosted the world’s top forum on artificial intelligence and its applications. The World Artificial Intelligence Conference this year featured one main forum, 33 themed forums, five brainstorming discussions and 22 kick-off events.




As the world’s top AI platform, 335 speakers ranging from leading scientists to business executives gave their opinions on stage. A total of 40,000 visitors from more than 40 countries attended the three-day event, including 700 journalists from 30 nations.





During the event, Changning District Director Gu Honghui unveiled Changning’s ambition to develop artificial intelligence.




“Artificial intelligence is a new driving force for regional economic and social development,” Gu said. “We can't miss out on this. We need to embrace AI.”


Gu told the session that Changning would allocate more working spaces for AI development, optimize the ecosystem for AI, create various application scenarios, improve AI policies, strengthen institutional supply and innovation and provide a customized high-efficient talent service.



The Changning government has established strategic ties with Huawei Technologies Co and China Unicom Shanghai to jointly build the Hongqiao Smart Valley.





As part of the project, an innovative AI demonstration center by Huawei and China Unicom will be established at 1033 Changning Road.



The center will mainly consist of a 2,900-square-meter incubator and 18,000 square meters of office.



Companies engaged in AI will be introduced through Huawei and China Unicom’s customer resources and channels.




More than a dozen high-potential AI startups have moved in. The next step for the center is to give full play to the technological advantages and industrial resources of Huawei and China Unicom to attract more AI startups to become the heartland for the development of Shanghai’s AI industry.



Artificial intelligence, which integrates cloud computing, data analysis and the Internet of Things, is now a revolutionary tool that can drive the global economy and prepare mankind for a better future.



By 2020, Shanghai plans to generate 100 billion yuan (US$14.6 billion) from AI-powered industries, compared with 70 billion yuan in 2017.




The city announced 22 new policies in five categories to boost AI development during the WAIC.



Shanghai will offer better conditions and business environment for AI development, covering talent, synergy, innovation, industrial concentration and government-led financing and investment, said Chen Mingbo, director of the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Technology.



Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily




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