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Refinement makes neighborhood comfortable, artistic and fashionable
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Refinement makes neighborhood comfortable, artistic and fashionable



A residential quarter at Yuyuan Road is expected to have a new, multifunctional janitor’s room while each house in the quarter will have polished exterior façade amid an ongoing urban renewal project to create a vibrant street scene.







Hongye Garden at 1088 Yuyuan Road is more than a century old and once home to politicians, intellectuals, expats and business people. Former residents include pianist Gu Shengying (1937-1967) who lived at No. 103.




The “micro refurbishment” this time will also bring the neighborhood a new entrance, polished walls and improved recycling services. A semi-open public space, the new janitor’s room will feature smart lockers, a graffiti wall, a bulletin board and a resting area.





Unified colors and style, together with the Yuyuan Road Bazar and an art museum in Hongye Garden will create a neighborhood with a strong Shanghai flavor.




Meanwhile, the huge and prominent signboard of the Bank of Shanghai Yuyuan Road sub-branch will be replaced by a lower-profile one in accordance with the future overall architectural style of the street.








Outside the sub-branch, wooden benches and greenery offer passers-by a place to relax, take a break, or even enjoy a short stay.




On the opposite side, a 9-square-meter art space will be built on the site of a dumpling shop.







The Wall of Historic Figures featuring the names and brief intros of the celebrities who once lived at Yuyuan Road will get a facelift too. Red clay will be used to extend the durability of the wall and to fit in with the red bricks of the surrounding old houses.








Smart care making life better, safer for the elderly



A comprehensive senior services center in Beixinjing Community offers multiple solutions for elderly care with the help of smart kits.







Smart watches on seniors’ wrists transmit signals tracking their locations and synchronizing their instant physical condition with the service. Users can also receive round-the-clock emergency help at the push of a button on the watch.








Smart bed cushions will alert nurses immediately if an abnormal situation is detected. They have been widely adopted at the center to avoid rashes and bed sores common in people confined to bed.






An all-in-one device monitors blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, urine output and acts as an electrocardiogram.

The center also offers food delivery and entertainment activities for the seniors.




Upgraded wet market makes shopping better




An upgraded wet market has opened on Dongzhu’anbang Road. Unlike the previous overcrowded mess, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables are now well organized on shelves.






All the vegetables come from the market’s farm, fresh and affordable. Modern equipment and an air-conditioned environment make shopping more enjoyable.






The upgrade includes unified management and payment as well as a reliable food tracking system.




Online short courses win national awards




Online short courses from Changning won numerous awards in the 4th audition by the National E-Learning Resource Center.



A 10 minutes online course studying the ancient poem “Jianjia,” or literally tender reed, won the top award.



Ten other online short courses involving traditional culture, handcraft skills, stage performances, software training and instrument playing were awarded second and third prizes.






Community e-learning is being well-developed in Changning. More than 1,000 online short courses are available at, the digital learning platform of Changning. Around 150 short courses are uploaded to the website every year.




Fun activities in annual shopping festival




Shopping malls in Changning play their part in the Shanghai Shopping Festival this year by offering customers a wide array of value added services featuring parenting, leisure, cultural and amusement activities.




Takashimaya department store makes the shop a playground for adults and children. The latest VR games are expected to attract more customers.







Blocks away, The Place is hosting a Peter Rabbit exhibition for young customers together with their parents.



Meanwhile, the big lawn of Raffles City Changning is ready to serve kids and families.









Fashion landmarks - Yuyuan Road, Columbia Circle and G﹒Art -prepared catwalk shows, outdoor concert as well as meet-and-greet in the 45 days long festival.








The Cloud Nine Shopping Mall entertains customers with clown and traditional Chinese opera performances. The shopping mall is also the host of a first writing ceremony with 100 children in traditional dressing.







A “puppet + reading” activity at KiNG88 shopping mall teaches children to make puppet props and practice puppet performing. 



A photography and T-shirt pattern design contest is held at Printemps Department Store Tianshan Road outlet while the Friendship Store Hongqiao exhibits the handcraft skills of a Taiwan shoemaker who had handmade shoes for former US president Bill Clinton and retired All-Star player Yao Ming.





Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily




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