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Livat Center to kick off construction


The best way to predict the future is to create it.


– Peter Drucker



Livat Center to kick off construction

The Livat shopping center to be built by IKEA Centers China in Xinjing Town is expected to break ground this month.






The Livat Center Shanghai is the fifth Livat shopping center in the country.

Rounded by Fuquan Road, Jinzhong Road, Xiehe Road and Beidi Road, the future megamall will set up shops in 150,000 square meters of space.

It will feature around 300 fashion, catering and entertainment brands from around the world and home the fourth IKEA outlet in the city. It will have more than 2,700 parking spaces.





Functioning as a commercial hub, the complex will connect the south and north parts of the Linkong Industrial Zone as well as the Lingkong SOHO to the west.

Apart from being the site of a shopping mall it will also be home to apartments, a hotel and offices.

Underground corridors will link the Livat Center with major buildings of Linkong and the Metro Songhong Road Station.


Overhead wires buried in century-old neighborhood

By the end of the month, the Qishan Village at 1032 Yuyuan Road is likely to become the first neighborhood in Shanghai to say goodbye to overhead wires, poles and other equipment that can obscure some of the wonderful scenery.





Like in other places in the city, people here have been living under wires for decades. Piles and knots of power lines and overhead cables that carry CCTV, network and telephone service go through into homes.

The wires multiply. Old wires co-exist with new ones. Fortunately, the ugly piles of black wire that crown the backyards and alleys will be buried underground.





A clean and fresh skyline is expected to debut next month. Apart from burying the wires, a renovation involving 15 buildings will restore the century-old neighborhood to its original look.

The exterior walls are being dusted off and decorated with red or green bricks, rough plaster or pebbles as it used to be. The wooden beams infested with termites are being replaced by the new ones. Kitchens and bathrooms are being upgraded to better serve the residents.


DHU Singers win at international choir festival

Donghua University Singers won the gold award at the 12th Cantemus International Choir Festival.






The festival this year attracted choirs from 22 countries, including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, China, Japan, South Korea, Argentina and South Africa.

The DHU choir was one of two Chinese groups that entered the competition. They sang three songs by Jake Runestad, Zoltán Kodály and Chinese composer Liu Xiaogeng.






Although most of the 41 singers are amateurs, they drew much applause as they were adjudged winners at a major international music festival.


Longquan celadon wares on display

Nearly 200 Longquan celadon wares are being exhibited at the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Shanghai. The exhibition will run through September 16.





The pieces on display are made by four prestigious contemporary masters Xu Dingchang, Chen Aimin, Chen Xianlin, Chen Hua and their disciples.






The exhibition also offers an opportunity for local collectors to show off their items.

Longquan celadon is a type of green-glazed Chinese ceramic, known in the West as celadon or greenware.




Waterfront leisure facility well received

The first phase of construction of a promenade along the Waihuanxi River has been completed, offering Changning another waterfront leisure facility.





Trees and bushes have been widely planted on the west bank of the river while a footpath zigzags through them.






On the east bank, a 5.5-kilometer greenway will be built by the end of the year to jointly form a tranquil green space along the river.





With its north end joining Suzhou Creek and the south meeting with Nanxiajiabang, the 5.2-kilometer Waihuanxi River is one of the main waterways in Changning.



Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily





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