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Smart tech takes care of grandma

The Sunning Garden comprehensive senior services center in the Beixinjing Community offers multiple solutions for elderly care with the help of smart kits.





The smart watches transmit signals tracking their locations and synchronizing their instant physical condition with the service. Users can also receive round-the-clock emergency help at the push of a button on the watch.





Smart bed cushions will alert nurses immediately if an abnormal situation is detected. They have been widely adopted at the center to avoid rashes and bed sores common in people confined to bed.





An all-in-one device monitors blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, urine output and acts as an electrocardiogram.


The center also offers food delivery and entertainment activities for the seniors. 




Meanwhile, its brand twin in Xinjing Town introduced information technology to enhance its management and care for its residents. 





An integrated online platform at the senior services center monitors the physical condition of the elderlies and ensures their security at any time. 


The center integrates administrative, market and social resources to optimize its services. 


The first floor of the center is for reception, assessment, consultation and products exhibition. 


The second floor, covering 770 square meters, offers nursing, day-care, rehabilitation training and recreation services for senior citizens. 




The center is a “one-stop” shop for senior care solutions and plays a key role in the development of an assisted living neighborhood.  






Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily




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