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Overhead wires go underground in century-old neighborhood


By the end of the month, the Qishan Village at 1032 Yuyuan Road is likely to become the first neighborhood in Shanghai to say goodbye to overhead wires, poles and other equipment that are an eyesore in a beautiful area.



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Like many places in Shanghai, people here have been living under an increasing tangle of black wires for decades: piles and knots of power lines and overhead cables that carry CCTV, network and telephone services into homes.



The wires constantly multiply. Old wires co-exist with new ones. Fortunately, the ugly piles of black wire that crown the backyards and alleys will be buried underground.



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A clean and fresh skyline is expected to debut next month. Apart from burying the wires, a renovation involving 15 buildings will restore the century-old neighborhood to its original look.



The exterior walls are being dusted off and decorated with red or green bricks, rough plaster or pebbles as it used to be. The wooden beams infested with termites are being replaced by new ones. Kitchens and bathrooms are being upgraded to better serve the residents.




Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily





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