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Foreign Languages Served at Taxation Window
01/18/2019 Changning District News Communication Center

To better serve the personal income tax reform and fully exercise the learning capacity and service-oriented consciousness of young officers, Changning District Taxation Bureau has run a bilingual volunteer service team consisting of young taxation officers. The team is expected to serve the district-based foreign-funded enterprises and foreign expatriates. All this aims to stimulate the coupling effects among different departments and offices, support consulting service on personal income tax in various bureaus on a regular basis for a smooth implementation of the new personal income tax law.

The bilingual volunteer service team, made up of young cadres proficient in foreign languages and professional skills, works under the leadership of the Personal Income Tax Reform Leading Group under the district taxation bureau. The team is noted for its high professional skills, good image and high-quality service. For higher levels of service, the team is divided into three volunteer groups: group of English, group of Japanese, and group of French, German and Russian, led by a young officer at section chief rank, respectively. Up to 21 volunteers can speak several foreign languages, including English, Japanese, French, German and Russian.

It is learned that the bilingual volunteer service is located at the bilingual service window of the "3 + 1" special tax service area. The District Taxation Bureau has explored the formation of a three-link workflow mechanism for the start-up, response and feedback of personal tax bilingual voluntary services. That is to say, according to the changes in foreign personal tax consultation and counseling needs in tax service establishments, voluntary service needs are reported to the personal tax emergency response working group through a bilingual window. Each voluntary group carries out real-time resource allocation and internal dispatching, while the bilingual service window is fully registered to ensure service efficiency and service quality.

On January 4, the District Taxation Bureau organized a training session for young volunteers. Analysis was made on questions, difficulties and pain points that foreigners have in handling tax affairs. At the training session, a pre-judgment analysis was made on the start-up of voluntary service, window service specifications and emergency response, including the introduction of registration code distribution, system operation, answers to frequently asked questions and other foreign-related contents in the new personal tax policy. In addition, the operation process of foreigners’ registration of personal tax APP was demonstrated. The service training gives a clear-cut definition and interpretation of the relevant policies of the new income tax, thus providing a solid guarantee for a higher quality of voluntary service.

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