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Viaduct project completed

Two sections of a viaduct linking Beidi Road and a tunnel in the Changfeng business area of Putuo District were joined together last Friday, marking major progress in the construction of the Beihong Road Interchange.






Beihong Road is where the Beiheng Passage starts and extends to the downtown Zhoujiazui Road Tunnel. The Beihong Road Interchange will connect the east-to-west thoroughfare with the Middle Ring Roads.





In downtown Changning, one entrance and two exits of the Beiheng Passage will be located near the intersection of Changning Road and Jiangsu Road.


The entrance will be at the west side of Huayang Road on the opposite of an exit at the gate of Xinglian Building.





The other exit will be at the east side of the intersection of Changning Road and Changning Branch Road. The three ramps are all single-lane drive and being constructed.






Stretching 19.4 kilometers and linking Changning, Putuo, Jing’an, Hongkou and Yangpu districts, the Beiheng Passage is anticipated to significantly alleviate congestion in downtown Shanghai and the Pudong New Area while crossing under the Huangpu River.




The passage being built will include some tunnels and a speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour.





The tunnels to the west of Huangxing Road are expected to have a total of four lanes — two in each direction — while the Beiheng Passage at ground level will have an extra lane in each direction, according to the blueprint.





The project is also expected to speed up the development of areas north of the Suzhou Creek.




Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily




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