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New park a recreation and sports hub

The power of imagination makes us infinite.

-John Muir

New park a recreation and sports hub

A 30,000-square-meter park between Xinjinggang River and Hami Road is now open, welcoming visitors to experience traditional garden views and modern public services.

The Zhongxinjing Park is a complex for recreation and sports activities and features a museum and an underground parking.

Buildings in the park are mostly Huizhou-style, one of the traditional Chinese architecture styles that prevailed in the historical Huizhou Prefecture of Anhui Province.

On the opposite of the Xinjinggang River is Fuyuan Temple, which is the cultural axis of the park. To the east of the axis are a plaza and the Huizhou-style buildings.

To the west are vertical green spaces and beneath the ground are an exhibition hall, a gallery, a lounge and a parking lot.

Shaped like a lotus flower, a cultural exhibition center stands in the middle of the “Ginkgo Avenue,” which is on the opposite of the Xinjinggang River toward Fuyuan Temple, together with a lotus pool in the northeast of the park to enhance its cultural ties with the temple.

The park also has a riverside footpath along the Xinjinggang River. 

After the Zhongxinjing Park, three more parks in the west of Changning will open to the public this year.

Shanghai cuisine restaurant offers classic dishes

Rounded arch and colored glass windows are not the only way a new restaurant on the Wuyi Road presents the vintage Shanghai style. The Lejiewan or literally joyful bay street at 301 Wuyi Road offers more than 40 dishes with authentic Shanghai flavor.

Chefs with decades of experience are good at cooking stewed capon, soy sauce braised duck, crispy yellow croaker spring roll and eight-treasure rice pudding.

Enough is enough. Don't hesitate to taste.

Tianshan pushes for more recycling, garbage-sorting

Garbage sorting is being promoted in the Tianshan Road Community which has 53 residential quarters and 105 garbage stations.

At present, timed waste collection has been fulfilled at nine local neighborhoods involving 22 transfer stations with more are anticipated to join the program.

Task forces with its personnel from property management, neighborhood committee and homeowner association will help promote public participation.

Public hearings held for garbage sorting let the owners decide the measures of collection.

Eighteen teams of volunteers have been established to ensure their neighbors sort waste correctly.

Businesses in the community are also obliged to do so and urban management carries out regular checks.

New lifestyle hub already there

A future life experience center at the intersection of Tianshan Road W. and Songhong Road is expected to become a new lifestyle landmark of the city featuring concepts of “live, work, play and imagine for more.”

Next to the entrance/exit 2 of Metro Line 2 Songhong Road Station, RELIFE HUB offers visitors a parallel space made up of a wooden structure as well as a warm feeling of immersion.

Four separate spaces are named after “live, work, play and imagine for more” respectively.

From coffee to floral art, from kitchen to living room, designers take books and creative derivatives as basic elements, outlining a moving picture of life.

A big steps lounge on the first floor is the core area of RELIFE HUB, which offers visitors a place to sit down and understand gradually the space around. It can also be used as a place for speeches and performances.

An open space behind tall glass windows is on the second floor. It is used as a shared office and gym.

RELIFE HUB also has its reading space which integrates books and magazines with flowers, tasty food, coffee and fitness to create vivid scenes as reading guides.

An outdoor space extended to the Metro entrance/exit is where occasional thematic fairs, such as parent-child, art, cultural and creative, be held in the future to convey the more temperate urban spirit in an interactive way.

Reforms to make life easier every day

Changning has been commended by the State Council or China’s Cabinet for three times for its outstanding performance in deepening reforms in the business sector, such as the practice of “one license with multiple addresses,” cross-regional online market collaborative supervision and the separation of inspection and customs clearance.

At present, Changning and Huzhou City in neighboring Zhejiang Province jointly work on the cross-regional record filing and mutual recognition of “one license with multiple addresses” amid the coordination of institutional innovation being optimized in the Yangtze River Delta.

Milk from New Zealand is ready to serve people in Changning within 72 hours of production.

A simple touch on mobile phone screen enables customers to book an appointment with their favorite stylist in the nearest outlet of Pumpkin Car but never forced to subscribe for prepaid membership cards or forced to wait for service.

Fresh fruits ordered last night are waiting for the buyer at his or her doorstep in the morning.

All this happens is due to Changning’s pilot reforms on business registration, trade facilitation, Internet plus life services and artificial intelligence (AI).

The test run of the “one license with multiple addresses” program allows enterprises, including those foreign-funded ones, to operate from multiple addresses across the city without having to apply for separate licenses for each location, enabling firms based in Changning, particularly Internet startups, to expand more rapidly.

People will get easier access to more outlets and service centers of these companies near their communities, according to the district government.

The “multiple addresses” under a single license can include the companies’ delivery and reception centers, warehouses and after-sales service sites.

Changning-based firms selling fresh produce online have themselves established service requirements for their online sales to meet rapidly rising demand.

At the same time, a smart restaurant and a smart wet market based on AI technology have been put into use in Changning.

Westwell Lab, an AI startup in Changning, has partnered with Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co to work out the first self-driving container straddle carrier throughout the world.

It is Changning government which provides each qualified AI firm up to 1.5 million yuan (US$223,000) of rental subsidy every year for at most three consecutive years to boost the development of the industry.

Meanwhile, the Changning District People’s Court has launched an online tribunal to hear contract disputes involving online businesses, online financial fraud as well as other online criminal offenses.

Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily

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