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Reforms to make life easier every day

Changning has been commended by the State Council or China’s Cabinet for three times for its outstanding performance in deepening reforms in the business sector, such as the practice of “one license with multiple addresses,” cross-regional online market collaborative supervision and the separation of inspection and customs clearance.






At present, Changning and Huzhou City in neighboring Zhejiang Province jointly work on the cross-regional record filing and mutual recognition of “one license with multiple addresses” amid the coordination of institutional innovation being optimized in the Yangtze River Delta.




Moreover, Changning market supervision officials work with their colleagues in Yuhang District, in neighboring Hangzhou City, and share data with Hangzhou-headquartered e-commerce, retail and technology conglomerate Alibaba Group to investigate illegal online sales as online market supervision has become more efficient through the introduction of big data technology.






Meanwhile, the Changning District People’s Court has launched an online tribunal to hear contract disputes involving online businesses, online financial fraud as well as other online criminal offenses.




Changning District and the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau have jointly launched a trial scheme to speed up import inspections.






Milk from New Zealand is ready to serve people in Changning within 72 hours of production.






Additionally, a number of major platforms, such as the Hongqiao Trade Facilitation “One-Stop” Service Center, the Yude Bonded Warehouse and the Yude Inspection and Quarantine Site have gone into service, marking Changning achieving similar conditions of imports supervision as the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and laying a solid foundation for the replication, promotion, innovation and reform of institutions to promote trade.






A simple touch on mobile phone screen enables customers to book an appointment with their favorite stylist in the nearest outlet of Pumpkin Car but never forced to subscribe for prepaid membership cards or forced to wait for service.






Fresh fruits ordered last night are waiting for the buyer at his or her doorstep in the morning.





Changning-based firms selling fresh produce online have themselves established service requirements for their online sales to meet rapidly rising demand.




All this happens is due to Changning’s pilot reforms on business registration, trade facilitation, Internet plus life services and artificial intelligence (AI).






The test run of the “one license with multiple addresses” program allows enterprises, including those foreign-funded ones, to operate from multiple addresses across the city without having to apply for separate licenses for each location, enabling firms based in Changning, particularly Internet startups, to expand more rapidly.




People will get easier access to more outlets and service centers of these companies near their communities, according to the district government.




The “multiple addresses” under a single license can include the companies’ delivery and reception centers, warehouses and after-sales service sites.






At the same time, a smart restaurant and a smart wet market based on AI technology have been put into use in Changning.








Westwell Lab, an AI startup in Changning, has partnered with Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co to work out the first self-driving container straddle carrier throughout the world.




It is Changning government which provides each qualified AI firm up to 1.5 million yuan (US$223,000) of rental subsidy every year for at most three consecutive years to boost the development of the industry.




Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily


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