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Footbridges create waterfront link


Bridges have been built across Tongxie River, Zhujiabang River and Zongjinggang River.



The bridge over Tongxie River is 29 meters long and 6.5 meters wide. It connects the green belt along Suzhou Creek and Tongxie Road.

The design of the bridge is inspired by paper folding. It is convenient for office workers to enter or leave Linkong industrial park through Tongxie Road and local residents to walk along Suzhou Creek.



The bridge across Zhujiabang River is 29 meters long and 10 meters wide. It links the green belts on both sides of Suzhou Creek. The design of the bridge integrates the elements of skateboarding, not only in its shape but also a specially made skateboard lane.



The Zongjinggang Bridge is 27 meters long and 6.5 meters wide. It is mainly used to connect Linkong Park 1 and Linkong Park 2. The bridge looks like a butterfly resting on the water.

Meanwhile, a 100-meter-wide greenway to the west of the Outer Ring Road features nine bridges since it runs across nine rivers from north to the south.

The No. 1 bridge is at the northernmost of the project. It strides over the Lianjinggang River or the source of the Waihuanxi River which divides the greenway into two parts.





The No. 3 bridge cuts across the Shuangjingzhi River and extends to the Sports Park on the west side of the river. Athletic logos are printed on the pavement of the 400-meter-bridge to highlight the theme of sport.

The No. 4 bridge is a wooden bridge as well as waterfront promenade running across Suining River. The No. 6 bridge hides behind trees to be a good interpretation of the harmonious co-existence between human and nature.





The No. 7 bridge leaps over Wuchaogang River and joins the plank roads on the both sides of the river.

The No. 9 bridge is at the southernmost of the greenway. The 3-meter-wide bridge spans over South Xiajiabang River and makes itself part of a beautiful view with a tallow tree on the bank.



Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily





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