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Sports park near completion

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Sports park near completion




A sports park at the intersection of Tianshan Road W. and Suining Road is set to be completed.







As one of the six theme parks in the west of Changning, Hongqiao Sports Park is designed to have multiple functions, such as ecological protection, exercise and leisure, culture and entertainment, public service and disaster prevention and refuge.




The park has both spaces above the ground and underground. The green space above the ground is around 130,000 square meters and features trees with purple flowers, like wisteria, bauhinia and lagerstroemia.




A two-story building is for park management.







Beneath the ground is a sports center, a natatorium, shops and a sunken courtyard.








The sports center has a total space of around 8,100 square meters, which includes a basketball/badminton court, table tennis room, squash room, indoor rock climbing room, golf practice room, dance room and a sports store.







The park also has an underground parking lot with 215 spaces. An award-winning project, the park’s pipeline layout and routing are largely optimized for energy saving and easy operation.








New approaches to boost economy




After the introduction of eight measures to optimize the business environment, 10 innovative approaches have been adopted to attract top-notch talent, high-end projects and excellent enterprises.








While Changning is making every effort to stabilize growth and promote high-quality development of the regional economy, the district has also created a better development environment for Shanghai’s reform and opening up in the new era.





The hardcore methods involve institutional innovation, reform innovation, service innovation and platform innovation.








First of all, Changning will establish a service coordination mechanism based on the issues enterprises are most concerned about and the services government provides as part of the efforts for the district to offer an all-round service.







Secondly, Changning will further attract businesses and investment in key sectors. 








Thirdly, Changning will further optimize business environment through the fulfillment of eight measures.







Fourthly, with the continuing construction of Hongqiao AI Valley, Changning will have more AI enterprises and a much more developed AI industry.








Fifthly, Changning will cultivate a number of unicorn companies and hidden champions as candidates for technology board listing.







Sixthly, Changning will offer customize services for enterprises and take a tailored approach to business development.







Seventhly, Changning will optimize business efficiency and increase the output per square meter in business areas.







Eighthly, Changning will build a big data platform of enterprise and economic information to support policy implementation.







Ninthly, Changing will promote the establishment of Hongqiao Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone as a new growth pole of regional economy.






Last but not the least, Changning will upgrade the Hongqiao One-Stop Service Center for Overseas Talents to better serve and attract talent from home and abroad.



Commercial projects kick off construction




Construction has recently kicked off on a commercial complex on the former site of the Red Town at 570-588 Huaihai Road W.






The future Shanghai Rong Qiao Center will have eight new buildings as well as the well-preserved iconic red factory houses that once belonged to the No. 10 Steel Factory of Shanghai Bao Steel Group.







The complex is designed to be home to not only offices and commercial facilities but also venues for leisure and cultural activities.




There will be 130,000 square meters of space above the ground and 100,000 square meters below ground.




At the same time, a complex consisting of five buildings and a sunken courtyard is being built to the west of Youle Road, northwest of Weichang Road and south of Konggang No. 8 Road.







With a total space of 173,000 square meters, the complex will have 83,000 square meters above the ground and 90,000 square meters beneath the ground.







Changning sports move forward




Changning sports have made new breakthroughs, achievements and progress just right beside you.







The main structure of the Shanghai International Gymnastic Center on Wuyi Road has been demolished and will be rebuilt on site, larger and with more cutting-edge equipment.




Rundown old apartments next to the Shanghai Arch at Loushanguan Road will be demolished to make way for a community sports complex of more than 42,000 square meters.







In the year 2018, Changning hosted more than 60 public sports events and 153 amateur games which attracted 136,000 participants.





The 2018 Shanghai International Women’s Elite 10K Race held on December 2 featured 4,000 runners.







Meanwhile, a playground in the New Hongqiao Central Garden, 10 fitness spots and seven footpaths will be built.




Trainings and seminars will be held at communities for the promotion of fitness science.







Changning is also cultivating young sports talent and establishing a cluster of sports industry.



Beixinjing upgrades O2O services





Beixinjing Community has upgraded its online approval system and extended services to 15 neighborhood committees for more permits required by local residents.






Local residents may have their application transmitted to the community affairs service center to book services or waiting for approval.


A total of 170 permits involving 11 government agencies are available online.








Grassroots cadres will also go to the neighborhood committees every Tuesday afternoon to serve residents at the scene.







The community will develop a WeChat mini-program and a mobile app to bring the service to people’s fingertips.





Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily

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