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New approaches to boost economy

After the introduction of eight measures to optimize the business environment, 10 innovative approaches have been adopted to attract top-notch talent, high-end projects and excellent enterprises.






While Changning is making every effort to stabilize growth and promote high-quality development of the regional economy, the district has also created a better development environment for Shanghai’s reform and opening up in the new era.





The hardcore methods involve institutional innovation, reform innovation, service innovation and platform innovation.






First of all, Changning will establish a service coordination mechanism based on the issues enterprises are most concerned about and the services government provides as part of the efforts for the district to offer an all-round service.






Secondly, Changning will further attract businesses and investment in key sectors. 






Thirdly, Changning will further optimize business environment through the fulfillment of eight measures.






Fourthly, with the continuing construction of Hongqiao AI Valley, Changning will have more AI enterprises and a much more developed AI industry.






Fifthly, Changning will cultivate a number of unicorn companies and hidden champions as candidates for technology board listing.






Sixthly, Changning will offer customize services for enterprises and take a tailored approach to business development.






Seventhly, Changning will optimize business efficiency and increase the output per square meter in business areas.






Eighthly, Changning will build a big data platform of enterprise and economic information to support policy implementation.






Ninthly, Changing will promote the establishment of Hongqiao Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone as a new growth pole of regional economy.






Last but not the least, Changning will upgrade the Hongqiao One-Stop Service Center for Overseas Talents to better serve and attract talent from home and abroad.





Easy access to doing business, particularly commercial activities in the tertiary sector, is Changning’s recipe to boost its economy.




Even the central leadership has highly praised Changning’s strategies for optimizing the business environment.




In the past year, Changning carried out eight reform measures to improve business environment, which included the separation of inspection and customs clearance, one business license with multiple addresses, online market supervision and a one-stop service platform to streamline the application and approval procedures.




Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily





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