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Finance park tops Xinjing Town agenda

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

-Nelson Mandela

Finance park tops Xinjing Town agenda

Xinjing Town has introduced preferential policies to accelerate the construction of Xijiao Finance Park.

Financial institutes in the park have the best of the city’s offices, well-established facilities and preferential rules in doing business. Financial professionals enjoy frequent cultural and leisure activities, better housing, education for their kids, care for their elder parents and a short daily commute.

The park promotes development of financial services, with its own characteristics, serving the real economy and the Greater Hongqiao Area as well as expanding its influence into the Yangtze River Delta.

Xinjing Town is improve its natural and social environment with river chiefs lead a campaign against water pollution and a dispute settlement mechanism with a hearing panel consisting of one Party representative, one deputy to the district people’s congress and a member of the district people’s political consultative conference.

Led by river chiefs, clean-up plans have been made for each river and waterway, including dredging polluted rivers, removing floating pollutants, building separate sewage and rainwater pipes, as well as demolishing illegal riverbank structures. Party members patrol the 32 water courses regularly and to clamp down on illegal activities that lead to pollution.

Township leaders visited more than 1,000 needy residents to establish the issues people were most concerned about. The town also has panels of politicians to hear citizens’ complaints and settle disputes.

Bridges join promenades together

Changning is among the first in the city to build a promenade along Suzhou Creek, part of a municipal government plan to open 12 kilometers of public space along both sides of the creek this year.

Bridges have been built across the Tongxie, Zhujiabang and Zongjinggang rivers to join the creek’s 50-meter-wide green belt with Lingkong No. 1 and No. 2 parks and the tree belt to the west of the Outer Ring Road.

The bridge over Tongxie River connects the green belt along Suzhou Creek and Tongxie Road.

The design of the bridge is inspired by paper folding. It makes it easy for office workers to enter or leave Linkong industrial park through Tongxie Road and allows local residents to stroll along the creek.

The bridge across Zhujiabang River links the green belts on both sides of the creek. The design of the bridge integrates elements of skateboarding, not only in its shape but also a special skateboard lane.

The Zongjinggang Bridge connects Linkong Park 1 and 2. The bridge looks like a butterfly resting on the water.

After crossing three theme parks in Linkong to the northwest, the promenade enters a 6.25 km tree belt to the west of the Outer Ring Road. The construction will be completed by the end of the year. The promenade will eventually extend to Hongqiao International Airport.

Changning is playing its part in turning the waterfront into a multifunctional, dynamic zone that allows citizens to hang out and entrepreneurs to set up shop.

By 2020, a total of 42 kilometers of waterfront on both sides of the creek will have opened.

Commercial center features art flavors

Construction recently began on a commercial complex on the former site of Red Town at 570-588 Huaihai Road W.

The Shanghai Rong Qiao Center will have eight new buildings as well as well-preserved iconic red factory houses that once belonged to the No. 10 Steel Factory of Shanghai Bao Steel Group.

The complex will be home to not only offices and commercial facilities, but also to venues for leisure and cultural activities.

There will be 130,000 square meters of space above the ground and 100,000 square meters below.

Similar to Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, Red Town art and sculpture park as well as Minsheng Art Museum were widely considered two of Shanghai’s most influential public culture and arts communities.

Exhibitions, forums, bistros, DIY workshops and boutique stores will be the highlights of the Rong Qiao Center.

Unilever launches childcare center

Singer Nursery Center is now open opposite to the Unilever headquarters on Fuquan Road for kids of company employees.

Unilever has commissioned preschool education institution Karibaby to manage the center.

The three classrooms are named after three popular Wall’s Ice Cream products Cornetto, Twister and Paddle Pop. Wall’s is a Unilever brand.

Facilities in the center are safe and sanitary, accessible to parents and meet EU quality standards.

All the teachers are certified, with at least three years of relevant work experience.

The center has passed strict inspections by various government agencies.

Luxury hotel offers Jackie Chan’s favorite dish

The Crowne Plaza Shanghai on Panyu Road is the first movie-themed hotel in the country. Jackie Chan, Gong Li, Jiang Wen and Jay Chou have all stayed there.

A Chinese restaurant in the hotel offers Jackie Chan’s favorite Shanghai smoked fish while Gong Li found personalized pillow cases embroidered with her name in her suite when she stayed there.

Xie Jin, Oliver Stone, John Woo, Wong Kar-wai, Sophia Loren, Meryl Streep and Sophie Marceau are also on the guest list, most of whom resided there as judges of the Golden Goblet Awards.

A corridor in the hotel exhibits props, film books and magazines, trophies and stars’ handprints.

The hotel is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Film Group Corp which entrusted InterContinental Hotels Group with its operations and management.

Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily

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