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Commercial complexes of the future

Construction recently began on a commercial complex on the former site of Red Town at 570-588 Huaihai Road W.






The Shanghai Rong Qiao Center will have eight new buildings as well as well-preserved iconic red factory houses that once belonged to the No. 10 Steel Factory of Shanghai Bao Steel Group.




The complex will be home to not only offices and commercial facilities, but also to venues for leisure and cultural activities.




There will be 130,000 square meters of space above the ground and 100,000 square meters below.






Similar to Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, Red Town art and sculpture park as well as Minsheng Art Museum were widely considered two of Shanghai’s most influential public culture and arts communities.






Exhibitions, forums, bistros, DIY workshops and boutique stores will be the highlights of the Rong Qiao Center.






Additionally, a new shopping complex will be built on the former site of a CP Lotus supermarket at the intersection of Tianshan Road W. and Songhong Road.






Developer of the project, EBA investments will create a smart urban complex with a concept of “live & work & play” on the basis of a new business model of “ecology + community + culture + intelligence + capital.”




The future shopping center will mainly offer office supplies, immersive retail experience and interactive life forms to meet the surging demand of personalized office amid the rapid development of new businesses.




A smart back-end management system will assist users for efficient management and bring forward convenient service.






It also integrates multiple kinds of shared space to build a smart community full of healing activities, such as reading, sports, beauty treatment and light meals, to meet the all-around business and living needs of office workers, their friends, families and business pals and match the “LOHAS” attitude of them.




It will become a place of working, living and entertainment with boutique stores, bistros, flea markets, new retail, sports, beauty treatment and sci-tech experience.





Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily





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