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Carrefour Le Marche offers shoppers a new experience


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Carrefour Le Marche offers shoppers new experiences


French retailer Carrefour’s first smart shop Le Marche in Joy 18 Plaza at Tianshan Road W. offers shoppers a new real experience through the introduction of smart payment and a “grocerant.”





Le Marche means "market" in French. Although half the size of regular Carrefour supermarkets at only 4,000 square meters, the Le Marche offers a wider range of popular products - fresh food, imported products and Carrefour’s own brand products in particular.





The smart shop, the first for Carrefour, features self-payment through the WeChat app, facial recognition and self-checkouts.




Since food service is becoming such an important profit center in supermarkets, an opening of “grocerant” - a cross between a grocery store and restaurant - is one of Le Marche’s highlights.






Customers can visit the supermarket to select fresh food such as seafood and have it prepared by the Le Marche chefs and delivered within 30 minutes, enjoying the impressive dishes that could just comfortably be set on a restaurant table, in the store’s 700-square-meter dining area.





Additionally, a café in the store gives shoppers a place to relax for a while and a bakery next door produces the best of fresh baked goods.


Green space under renovation to reopen in June


The Huashan Green Space, currently being renovated, will reopen on June 12 with wider footpaths, improved greenery and better facilities.





The green space between Huashan Road and Xingfu Road was built at the end of 2001 and is a haven for birds filled with flowers and trees.




There is also water flowing through reeds and into a pond from where it is pumped back up to water the plants as needed.



A wooden walkway over the water course is being repaired while the drainage system is being properly maintained.



Unisex public toilets will be installed together with better lighting and park furniture, providing visitors a place for fitness, walking, sightseeing and leisure.




Afterschool programs prolonged


Twenty four primary schools in Changning have extended their after school programs to 6pm for parents picking up students late.





Students learn to shoot or join a reading club after their lessons are completed at 3:30pm.






About 5,700 of the total 20,000 primary school students in Changning take part in extracurricular activities every day. They study computer programming, ballet, play basketball or attend singing lesson.






Watertown on the west side




On the west side of the city with abundant water resources, Changning is making serious effort to combat water pollution and clean up several of the district’s rivers.







Led by river chiefs, clean-up plans have been made for each river and waterway, including dredging polluted rivers, removing floating pollutants, building separate sewage and rainwater pipes, as well as demolishing illegal riverbank structures.







Net fishing is also prohibited. Party members regularly patrol the 32 water courses to prevent illegal activities that lead to water pollution.




One of the major waterways, Xinyupu, is no longer considered polluted. The 2.4-kilometer river between Xinjinggang and Guangshun River was once among 56 heavily polluted waterways in the city.







Rivers have been dredged, floating pollutants removed and new water plants have created a stable aquatic ecosystem.







The neighboring Xinjinggang, which joins Suzhou Creek in the north and Dianpu River in the south, was also one of the city’s 56 most heavily polluted rivers. More than 97 percent of the people who live nearby are now satisfied with the water quality.





Changning is among the first districts in the city to build a promenade along Suzhou Creek. The district government plans 11.2 kilometers of thoroughfare along the southern bank of the creek together with a 50-meter wide green zone to make the site an ideal place to host sports and weekend flea markets.







At present, the path stretches from Zhongshan Park to Shuangliu Road.




With wheelchair access, it has a mix of natural and artificial turf and timber flooring for walking and running, along with lamps and CCTV cameras for securit.




Patterns of maple and gingko leaves are printed on the colorful road surface. The path will allow people access to Hongqiao Riverside Park and Zhongshan Park.






The riverbank has been upgraded to support the local ecological system and allow people better access to the creek. More greenery has been planted along the banks and also a number of exercise stations have been built along the path.



Five-a-side pitch opens




A five-a-side pitch is now open at New Hongqiao Central Garden, opposite ShanghaiMart and beneath a section of elevated expressway.






Entry is through the gate on Yan’an Road W. and the charge is 750 yuan (US$112) for two hours or 1,100 yuan for three hours, after that 400 yuan for every additional hour.

The field is open from 1am through 9pm every day.


Tel: 021-6219-7630




Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily




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