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Public bazaar recalls traditional life

The Yuyuan Road Public Bazaar is now officially open and has become a new landmark on the century-old street.




A fresh produce market and canteens selling traditional food and snacks are among the highlights.



Visitors to the bazaar can enjoy traditional Shanghai breakfast items such as youtiao (fried dough stick), dabing (flat bread) and soybean milk, as well as traditional services such as key duplication and umbrella repair.




The upstairs of the bazaar is a gallery where exhibitions and art shows are frequently held.





The two-story building once served as a dormitory for neighboring Shanghai Workers College of Medical Science. The developer took over the decrepit structure and began renovation work a year ago.




The public market will be expanded by redeveloping more abandoned structures of the former medical college, according to Shanghai Creater Industrial Co, which is in charge of the redevelopment of Yuyuan Road.



The Yuyuan Road project represents the best in urban renewal principles, merging the needs of residents in old neighborhoods with art and modern lifestyles, according to CREATER.




The road — which dates back to 1911, the final year of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) — runs through the districts of Changning and Jing’an. In recent decades it has been shortened to its current length of 800 meters.




The city government has listed the road as one of 64 historical streets that cannot be widened to preserve feel of the neighborhood. The road is one of the 12 protected historical and cultural zones in the downtown area.



The authority aims to develop artistic and aesthetic designs in the century-old Yuyuan Road, while offering better services and businesses to the residents, according to CREATER, which has also taken charge of other projects on Yuyuan Road.




Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily




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