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Parks reopen as virus eases
A number of parks in Changning, including Hongqiao Park, Huashan Children’s Park, Linkong Skateboard Park, Yanhong Green Space and Huashan Green Space, have reopened on a limited basis in a sign of confidence that the coronavirus outbreak has passed its peak.

At present, only the outdoor spaces in the parks are open, canteens and indoor venues are temporarily closed, and all kinds of exhibitions and activities that may cause people to gather in the park are cancelled.

Every visitor to the park should wear a mask and has his or her temperature measured. People with fever or don’t wear masks are not allowed to enter.

The open spaces in the parks are disinfected at least twice a day and disinfection in the restrooms more than three times a day.

Parks in Shanghai received about 244,800 visitors last Sunday, according to the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau.

The parks were in good order on the first weekend of their reopening, the bureau said.

A total of 195 city parks and three countryside parks had reopened as of last Saturday.

Another 83 city parks and one country park resumed operations on Monday, according to the bureau.

Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily
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