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Community medical workers monitor overseas returnees
Medical workers from Hongqiao Community Health Center have been on duty 24/7 to serve the residents who return from overseas and are supposed to be quarantined.

In Gubei international community, about 16,000 residents are from overseas, while about 70 percent of them are from Japan and South Korea.

Foreign residents who have lived or traveled in key affected countries within two weeks of their arrival in Shanghai must undergo 14-day quarantine at home.

Medical workers visit them twice a day to take their temperatures. Those found to have a fever will be taken away by ambulance.

Meanwhile, all Chinese and foreign residents in Ronghua Neighborhood received a card written in four languages. This card reminds residents, who have history of traveling to other regions recently, of registering personal information to the neighborhood on time.

It also reminds residents of the importance of health management. On the card, residents will find the address of local fever clinic, the emergency phone number of Changning District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the citizen’s hotline: “12345,” the website of Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office, and the phone numbers of the neighborhood committee and the property management company.

This card plays an important role in precisely conveying resident’s information amid the epidemic.

“We have more than 30,000 permanent residents in 42 residential compounds, and half of them are foreign residents. It is important to convey precise information to them,” said Sheng Hong, Party secretary of Ronghua Neighborhood.

Effective epidemic control depends on rapid and precise conveying of information to residents. To make all residents, particularly foreign residents to know about the city’s epidemic control policies, the community cadres translated all documents related to epidemic control into four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

Many foreign residents became volunteers to help residents from different countries and regions to understand epidemic control policies of the city.

Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily
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