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Police Implement “One for One” Mechanism to Tighten Epidemic Control

Preventing the import of overseas epidemic cases is the top priority of the current efforts in prevention and control. Shanghai has further tightened the measures for home quarantine and control, and the police have served as an important force containing the virus.


According to the joint prevention and control mechanism at the ports of entry, Shanghai has conducted the nucleic acid testing on all travelers from abroad. Those with the negative test result will be put under centralized isolation or transferred to residential areas for home quarantine through a closed-loop management mechanism. How are the measures for home quarantine fully implemented? How are those under quarantine prevented from going out illegally? The reporter accompanied the Shanghai police during site visits yesterday.


The police officers, neighborhood committee cadres, community doctors and workers of property management jointly carried out the home visits.


"Is this Ms. Ren? Good morning, I'm a police officer at the Hongqiao Road Police Station of Changning District Public Security Sub-bureau. We are now informing you of the legal responsibilities for home quarantine in accordance with the law." At 10:30 am yesterday, police officer Chen Bo of the Hongqiao Road Police Station joined hands with the cadres of the neighborhood committee, the doctors at the community health center and the workers of property management to notify Ms. Ren who arrived in Shanghai yesterday from abroad of the legal issues of home isolation at Gubei International Community, Hongqiao Subdistrict, Changning District, and had the letter of commitment on home quarantine signed.


"This lady has been tested for nucleic acid before and the result was negative. We have learned that her place of residence meets the conditions of isolation at home, and her family agrees to be isolated at home together with her." Wearing protective suit and goggles, Chen knocked on the door and Ms. Ren answered. Then, Chen asked in detail about and recorded the information on Ms. Chen’s arrival in Shanghai and passport, and informed her that during the period of home quarantine, neither Ms. Ren nor her husband living together should go out, otherwise they would be held legally accountable.


The area in the charge of the Hongqiao Road Police Station of the Changning District Sub-bureau of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau is a well-known settlement area for foreigners. At present, there are a total of 629 people in 444 households from 27 countries who are living under home quarantine.


How strict is the home isolation now? Chen gave an example. On the early morning of March 17, a family residing in the area returned to Shanghai from Los Angeles, and Chen immediately came to the door to inform them of the quarantine obligations, with the commitment letter also signed. Unexpectedly, in the afternoon of the same day, the property manager at the community found that the male property owner’s mother living in Shanghai had entered the quarantine place, immediately reporting the situation to the police through the WeChat group.


Chen immediately contacted the cadres of the neighborhood committee to pay a visit together. When the door was answered, the old lady was leaving. Chen stopped her and informed her that according to the home quarantine rule of "a family in a house", the old lady entering the home isolation place meant that she needed to stay with the family under quarantine. The old lady argued that she had only stayed for a short while, and insisted on leaving. Chen carried out criticism and instruction straight away, and told her that if the people under home quarantine were infected with the virus, the old lady would become a close contact, and face legal action for leaving the place. Finally, the old lady changed her mind.


The old lady then required that her housekeeper should come and take care of her. “Madam, if you let the housekeeper enter the house to take care of you, she will also need to be isolated here. The quarantine time will also be recalculated as your family will be isolated for 14 days starting from the time when the housekeeper arrives.” Chen continued to explain, “You should also clearly inform the housekeeper of the situation, and in case she accidentally contracted the virus, your family would be troubled by disputes.” The old lady finally decided not to let the housekeeper come.


Refusal to implement home isolation will be dealt with according to law.


Ms. Yang lives in the Hongqiao Mandarine City, and her husband is Austrian. On March 16, he departed from Munich, Germany, transferred in Thailand, and arrived in Shanghai on March 17. According to the regulations, coming from a key country for epidemic prevention and control, he was obliged to be under home or centralized quarantine.


Mr. Yang's husband chose to be isolated at home. Although Ms. Yang had never left Shanghai before, the couple insisted on staying together, so they had to be under home quarantine together at the same time. After the letter of commitment was signed and confirmed, Ms. Yang expressed her inability to understand the door sensor management implemented by the neighborhood committee.


In order to dispel her doubts, Chen Qiuhua, director of the neighborhood committee, patiently explained, “Installing the door sensor is a special requirement during the epidemic period. The door sensor is not an iron fence. Earnest home isolation shows your support for the nationwide solidarity in epidemic prevention and control as well as your protection of others' right to health.” A comprehensive law enforcement police officer at Hongqiao Longbai Police Station of Minhang Public Security Sub-bureau also came to the door and told them, "The door sensor system just aims to make us more aware, and it will be dismantled immediately after the isolation." Finally, Ms. Yang was convinced.


It is learnt that since late February this year, Minhang has tried to use the smart door sensors. So far, a total of 450 sensing devices have been installed in the district. By March 24, the residents under home quarantine had provided cooperation in installing 152 sets of door magnetic induction alarm equipment in Hongqiao Town, and there was no case of going out or staying outside privately.


In addition, according to the Public Security Corps of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, in order to strictly implement the home isolation measures, the Shanghai police have set up a special working mechanism to ensure that each isolated family is in the charge of a police officer, and implemented the stringent control over all those under home quarantine on the basis of the “one police officer for one household (family)” requirement. Anyone who refuses to implement the home isolation will be dealt with strictly by law. The police will also support the neighborhood committees and village committees in strengthening the information registration and investigation for those returning to the residential areas from key countries, so as to achieve full coverage and no omission.

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