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Now, decorating the house with a bunch of favorite flowers or presenting it to a friend has become an indispensable part in many people’s life. Before this year's National Day, the first international community high-end Flower World in Shanghai will be officially opened to the public at Gubei New Area, where a world of flowers and art works featuring taste, quality and art will be unveiled to the citizens. With the support of the district government, the Shanghai Hongqiao Flower Consumption Index will also be released precisely in October this year.


It is learnt that at present the Gubei Flower World has reached an agreement with Alipay to jointly create Shanghai’s first Alipay smart business district demonstration area in the flower industry. Gubei Flower World Plaza has achieved the business license, obtained the permanent right of management at the high-end residential area and become an iconic business in Shanghai Hongqiao Business District characterized by “internationalization, airport and Internet”. It will comprehensively develop a highland for floriculture popularization and improvement and a fashion landmark as a world-class flower distribution center, where the “major players” dominating the distribution of fresh cut flowers to the whole Southeast Asia will bring the fresh flowers worldwide without any delay. Currently the agreements have been signed with the outstanding flower bases in Yunnan, Guangzhou, Zhejiang and other domestic regions to ensure the flower supplies.


According to general manager Yu Zhengyi, the commercial plaza boasts reasonable prices, long-term business structure, legitimate business license, clean environment, advanced marketing model and other characteristics, and covering a business area of more than 16,000 square meters, the plaza includes 4 floors with the parking garage on basement 2 plus the ground parking lot to provide 400 parking spaces; the basement 1 is for wholesale and retail of fresh flowers, covering an area of 2,000 square meters, with 5-meter-high loading area set, where the trucks can directly enter to load and unload goods and the specialized battery carts transfer the goods to the businesses, marking the end of transferring the flowers with the traditional buckets.


The first and second floors on the ground are for the artificial flower and soft decoration; the entire Flower World can accommodate nearly 300 businesses for operation, with the areas for single shops from 30 to 400 square meters. The plaza is equipped with air-conditioning and fresh air system, 8 escalators, 2 automatic passenger elevators and 2 cargo elevators, with all floors interconnected by walking stairs. The electronic and online settlement will be fully achieved, and the plaza will realize the integration of the morning market, wholesale and retail.


Located at No. 533, Hongbaoshi Road, the Gubei Flower World mainly targets the 300,000 foreigners as well as the 980,000 fashionable and high-end people in the Hongqiao Gubei area. Various cultural brand events such as the international horticulture exhibition, the international flower exhibition, the international horticulture and leisure products exhibition and the international floriculture research institute will be organized. The horticulture hall for different countries will also be built to enable the citizens to admire the iconic flowers of various countries in the world.


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